“We Got Your Back’ ’, which means‘ we back you up ’’ is the title of the new album by the group The Sey Sisters. The three sisters, who first set foot on the stage together in 2006, release their third album, produced by Kquimi Saigi and recorded on BSO. The voices of Edna, Yolanda and Kathy, combined in warm harmonies and accompanied on piano by Albert Bartolomé, are once again his hallmark.

In this work, we can hear his particular fusion of gospel and soul, this time, renewed with electronic overtones and basses of a more pop style that blur the organic sound of the previous ones.



New sounds that accompany a clear message: “we open a space for care, for empowerment, to reinforce the feeling of community and to honor our ancestors and the people who have died and continue to die on the journey ” The album, which It has been released in vinyl and CD format, it was presented at the Grec festival with a powerful and vindictive live show that filled each of the attendees with energy.

If you have been wanting to know them, you can find them in various festivals in Catalonia and France during the remainder of August. You will see them advertised on their website and on their social networks.


Texto: Mar Pons